Difference in height: 900 m. Journey time: 3h

The Tailly basin of lakes, which opens at the base of the northern slope of the Punta della Croce, is a pleasant destination for a hiker looking for quiet and less frequented places. The route passes through the village of Follu (Madonna della Neve Church) and crosses the meadow down towards the river. At an altitude of 1518, it crosses the river on a wooden bridge. An old building is left in the upper right-hand corner: the Mill of Putteru. Then crosses a beautiful forest of firs and larches with rich undergrowth of blueberries and rhododendrons, and comes to Alpe Gender Inferiore (1610 m; 30min). Just before the hut the path turns to the left, goes up the intricate green alder shrub, ferns, rhododendrons and tall megaforbies and, keeping always on the left bank of the river Tailly, reaches the Pian dell'Asino (1830 m; 1h30min).

From the plateau the trail winds along an ancient moraine, then, slightly deviating to the east, crosses a debris channel up to the Alpe Tailly (2085 m, 2h). From the alp, the path turns left, continuing through stony pastures and rounded rocks, in an environment rich in glacial remains, softened by the presence of rare alpine flowers. Cross the southern outcrop of Cornello Tailly and approach the Lower Tailly Lake (2386 m, 2h45min), the larger of the two. A trail of trail descends towards its left bank. Following the left side of the stream that enters it, with a path at will, we finally reach the basin of Lake Superior (2422 m, 3h), located at the base of the slope that leads to the Passo della Pioda, below the rocky ramparts which supports the snowfield of Puio.

The return is scheduled for the same ascent route. For those who are particularly trained, we suggest for the return another way, which however requires 3 hours more. From Lago Superiore dei Tailly, to the homonymous hill, located between the Corno di Puio and Cornello Tailly, cross the Otro glacier plateau with its showy side moraines, entirely covered by the detrital material that the vertical walls of the White Horn unload at its base, and you go to the Don Luigi Ravelli bivouac (2504 m) near the Laghetto di Terrafrancia. Then, descending into the central part of the valley, through the villages of Pianmisura, Scarpia, Dorf and Follu, you return home.


Difference in height: 850 m (Ravelli Bivouac); 700 m (Alpe Granus). Journey time: 3h (Ravelli Bivouac); 2h30 (Alpe Granus)

The Don Luigi Ravelli bivouac and the Alpe Granus are two pleasant destinations for a hiker in search of quiet and less frequented places. From Follu (Madonna delle Nevi Church) the itinerary crosses the villages of Dorf and the Scarpia until reaching the Pianmisura Piccola Alp (1782 m, 30min). Cross the river, passes under Pianmisura Grande and follows the marked path n. 3 for the Ravelli bivouac. The itinerary continues through an increasingly sparse alpine vegetation until reaching the Cuttiri Alp (2113 m, 1h30min). Going on you reach a plateau where the path divides: on the right towards the Alpe Granus and on the left towards the Ravelli bivouac.

Alpe Granus: the trail is not very marked and climbs along the pastures until it meets the mountain pasture formed by two houses. The total journey time is 2h30min. For most of the summer season the mountain pasture is inhabited by a young shepherd with his wife and around 800 sheep. Fresh fruit and chocolate are always very welcome!

Ravelli Bivouac: the path n. 3 continues on the left of the plateau and after about 45min, past the pond Terrafrancia, you can see the yellow bivouac access. The total journey time is 3h.

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